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Newsletter 2013.1

Eight PDF Files You Don’t Want to Open

While you might think of malware as a program or executable file only, malware can piggyback off of common files many users might view as harmless. Exploits, or windows for bad guys to get into your PC, are on the rise within PDFs, because of vulnerabilities in PDF reader software. The easiest way to avoid attacks from Internet criminals in this capacity is to keep your anti-malware up to date and avoid opening harmful files, like the ones on this list. To disable scripts from running in the background of PDF files, see these instructions.

All Support Ending for Windows XP and SBS 2003

If you have been considering an operating system upgrade, now is the time to act. Windows XP support ends April 8, 2014, meaning that businesses and individuals still using XP at that time will face significant disadvantages as they continue to use the unsupported operating system. This doesn’t mean your computer will stop working, but over time, without proper security and support, malware will build, your data will become unsecure, your operating speed will slow significantly, and you may lose access to sites or programs that require up-to-date user credentials. Learn moreabout the end of this support and contact us or submit a service request to find out how we can help you with this change.

“But I don’t want Windows 8!”

With Windows XP support ending April of next year, and several newer versions of Windows available, you may be considering upgrading your company’s PC operating system. Rose Computers can still install and support Windows 7 through the end of the year, and 7 can have some advantages. Microsoft’s mainstream support of Windows 7 will continue until January 12, 2015, and extended support does not yet have an end date. Contact us or submit a service request to learn more about Operating System upgrades, support, and installation by Rose Computers.

“How can I get my Start bar back in Windows 8???”

Users new to Windows 8 may pine for some of the features they found useful in previous versions of Windows. Never fear, there is an easy fix to get back the tools you miss. Classic Shell for Windows allows you to work from the desktop with icons instead of tiles, using the familiar start bar and menu for launching all your programs and finding files. Classic Shell even lets you change the appearance of your operating system, so you’ll feel more at home with the new Windows. Download here.

Google’s Gorgeous Free Fonts

On May 1, Google and typeface design company Monotype  teamed up to release all of Google’s opensource fonts in one downloadable catalog for offline use. Previously, each free font had to be individually downloaded. If a package of free new fonts for web and publication design don’t get you excited on first word, check out this gallery of Google’s typographic beauty. If you like what you see, click and download here to make it your own.
Download all here.

A Not-So-Harmful Web Hoax

While deception on the Web can often cause harm to your network or PC and loss of productivity, some rabbit holes online have a little less bite and a lot more laugh. Kipp Teague’s site, “Little-Known Attractions of Lynchburg,” includes some admittedly absurd “discoveries” including Mags the headless cat, and the Kool-aid Kar that runs on colorful fruit drink. Check out the site to see if you’ve heard any of these surreal attractions lauded locally.

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