Newsletter 2013.2

So you have a Windows 8 System, now what?
We’ve got some tips to make your transition to Windows 8 computing stress-free. Here are a couple of links that are aimed at helping users with Windows 8.

Score Some Computer Deals
If you know someone who wants a used Windows 7 or Vista Computer or possibly an older but still useful Windows XP system, have we got a deal for them!  For a small sampling of the deals, click here
We have an overabundance of used and demo systems, some servers, desktops, and even a few laptops. 

Productivity Tricks to Help You
Even hardcore computer geeks might aren’t above learning new tricks. In this guide we found some productivity-boosting new tips. While some keyboard shortcuts and system changes are best left to the professionals, check out these very useful tips and shortcuts that everyone can use daily.

How to Print from Your Andriod Tablet or Smartphone
Mobile devices created for on-the-go computing are made for convenience and simplicity – meaning some capabilities of a PC don’t translate over well to your smartphone or tablet. If you have a Google account, printing from your Android smartphone or tablet can be as simple as printing from your PC. Check out these instructions for using Google Cloud Print to create physical copies of files from your mobile devices.

Help Secure Your PC with This Free Utility
One of the best ways to ensure that your PC is safe and secure is to keep all of your installed software up to date. In some cases, applications will update themselves automatically, or alert you when a new version of the application is available. But many apps don’t alert you. Patch My PC is a utility that scans your computer for dozens of well-known programs, both free and paid, and alerts you if your applications need updating. You even have the option to apply updates automatically, if you wish.

If you don’t want Windows 8, but you need an upgrade…
We can still deliver and install Windows 7 should you prefer or require its use over your current operating system or Windows 8. We can upgrade your operating system to Windows 7, and then run a virtual Windows XP session inside Windows 7 to keep running the XP-compatible software. We can also downgrade your Windows 8 system to Windows 7 Professional without having to purchase new software. Additionally, we can also provide you with new desktop and laptop computers preloaded with Windows 7 in almost any configuration you need. Submit a service request today.

Rose Computers on the Web
Rose Computers has been working hard on our website and social networks. Please check out our updated websiteFacebookTwitter, and service request form.


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