Newsletter 2013.3

11 Uses for an Old PC
When you get a new computer to replace your home PC, you don’t have to trash the old one. In fact, there are plenty of savvy ways to repurpose your old home computer. From the simple, like donating to one of several organizations that could use your old PC, to the more complex, like experimenting on the old system, find something that suits you and your goals for computing. Alternatively, you could explore your creative side.

How to cancel Online Accounts the Easy Way

Between social media, online shopping, and newsletter subscriptions, the average user has a lot of online accounts – including a worldwide average of at least two social media accounts. Trim down on your accounts with this site that makes cancelling your service or account simple by providing direct links to ‘delete account’ or ‘unsubscribe’ pages. Also, before making another account, weigh in here to see the sites for which is actually impossible to cancel your account.

Death of XP
Windows XP is quickly approaching its end of life in April of next year. And if you continue computing on an unsupported operating system, your data, whether at home or at work, face a substantial security risk. Consider upgrading to Windows 8, which has many built-in enhanced security features. We can assist you with an upgrade or your current system or building you a new system to continue to meet your computing needs while keeping you and your data secure.

Zero Install
Do you ever need to download a program (.exe) file from the Web, but you don’t have the administrator privileges to install it or you don’t want to put the files on your PC? Zero install allows you to use software directly from the internet, without installing it on your computer. You can download any app or program you want and Zero Install will store it in a cache for later access, without storing files directly on your computer.

Image Compression
If you take fantastic pictures, you will want to share them, but they may often be too big to send via email or file share. Try using TinyPic or Caesium, two free image compression programs that allow you to quickly and simply reduce the size of those photos you want to share.

3-D Printing
If you thought it was just a science fiction fantasy, think again. Three-dimensional printing is available to home users, and can be used for a variety of purposes, from making firearms to generating perfectly life-like “mini-me”s.

What does the inside of a RedBox look like?
In case you ever wondered how you can select a movie and it comes out of a machine like magic, or how RedBox can store them all inside that little kiosk, here is a quick glimpse into the mystery that is the $1.20 rental phenomenon.

Cordlessly broadcast HD to your TV – Chromecast
If you love streaming shows or movies on your computer, you should get excited about the latest inexpensive solution from Google for home entertainment. Broadcast whatever you watch on your tablet, PC, or smartphone to your HD television set. Use an app and the ($35) Google ChromeCast HDMI receiver, and you’ll be streaming Netflix on your TV without needing a Wii, Xbox, SmartTV or any wired computing capability to do so.

Motion Sensing Gadgets 
Spatially cognizant persons will be psyched about new developments in motion sensing technology. No longer are motion sensors just for dance and fitness video games in your living room, now they are used to control minute details on, for example, a desktop computer. From writing in the air to clicking and scrolling with your eyes instead of your mouse, motion sensor gadgets are now more sensitive and versatile than ever.

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