Computer Systems

Custom-Built Computers

We offer custom-built computers to meet your needs and specifications. So whether you are in the market for an economy machine, super-charged gaming rig, or a PC for grandma, give us a call. Our computers are built one at a time to provide our clients with powerful and reliable locally manufactured computers at a very affordable price.

We recommend:

  • Monitor. Getting the largest you can afford. It’s the thing you use most and very expensive to ‘upgrade’ later. None has regretted heeding this advice.
  • Memory. 4GB is minimum for Windows 10, 8GB is better, and 16GB if you’re a power user. You might be able to get by with less memory; however, as you continue to use your system, it will run slower and slower. A RAM upgrade is the fix.
  • Hard Drives. We recommend a Solid State Drive (SSD). Unless you’re using vast quantities of data (i.e. videos, hi-res images, large databases), spend money on the Monitor, Memory, and CPU first.
  • CPU. Don’t go overboard unless you’re a power user and every ounce of performance is precious. There’s little noticeable difference unless you jump up at least 20% in power.

Systems offered:

  • Entry Level System for light home and business use
  • Core i Value System for most basic business needs
  • Business System, our most popular for meeting all business needs
  • Pro Performance, with solid state drive optimized for business

Choose your own:

  • Hardware including Memory, Storage, Video Card, and Card Readers
  • Software including operating system and office or antivirus programs
  • Monitor
  • Service Options

Why Rose Computers?

  • We accept trade-ins. We securely wipe all personal data for refurbished units.
  • We can transfer data and reload all programs.
  • We only load the software you need, so there is no clutter trialware.
  • Our systems are faster.
  • We are up to date with all industry standards.
  • Upgrades and repairs to systems we build are less expensive.
  • We provide full service warranty and repair capabilities on call and in-shop.
  • All systems are easily customizable to your needs and unique requirements.

See our Refurbished Computers for Sale.

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