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Rose Computer and Network Solutions has installed hundreds of servers, networks, and application software for numerous small businesses. Windows Small Business Server has proven to be a compelling server software bundle. It bundles in one package many useful features for a relatively low cost.

Features include:

  • e-Mail Services
  • Local Network Management
  • Internet Connection Security
  • File and Printer Sharing
  • Local Web Page Services
  • Collaborative Applications
  • Remote Management Services
  • Remote Access to User’s Desktop PCs
  • Backup and Restore Services
  • Remote Access to Email

The combination of technology and innovative management tools facilitates a faster and more efficient business environment. Below is a short overview of the most important features included in Microsoft Small Business Server 2003

E-mail, Networking, and Internet Connectivity

Internet access is a must for small businesses in today’s marketplace. Windows Small Business Server 2003 has everything a business needs to take advantage of Internet connectivity. The tools available in Microsoft Small Business server make management of internet sharing and security, e-mail, and shared resources a snap to setup and maintain.

Shared Resources

With Windows Small Business Server 2003 setting up shared network space is easy. Any user on the network who has authority can access shared data. This saves users from the any hassle associated with multiple users using one or a collection of documents. Printers can also be shared with Microsoft SBS. Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes software called Windows SharePoint Services which allow you to set up a local web site that makes it easy to share and organize common company information in an easy to access location for a company-wide intranet. Also included is software called Microsoft Exchange Server. It has a feature called Anywhere Access which allows employee to view important shared information like contacts, calendars, and emails

Remote Access

To accommodate an increasingly mobile work force, Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes the Remote Web Workplace. This is a Web site for remote users that provides remote access to e-mail, user s desktop computers, the company’s internal web site, and remote server management capabilities for Administrators. All these different functions available for remote users allow anyone in the business the freedom of working from wherever they have internet connectivity. For example, you can work on a project at home and have all the contacts and information that you need to complete it. Even on business trips users can stay connected to their needed information and resources.

Server Administration and User/Workstation

Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes intuitive network administration features to ensure that network runs efficiently. Wizards simplify common or repetitive tasks, and management consoles provide a way to change more complex settings.

Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes Client Setup features for creating user accounts, making it easy for your company to perform many administration tasks, and lower cost by setting up client computers quickly and efficiently. Features include: client configuration through a web page, fast setup with the use of user templates and pre-configured client applications, and enhanced remote-user tools. These features make it easy to deploy, configure, and administer user and computer accounts.

Monitoring and Reporting

Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides tools that enable monitoring of server activity. Performance and usage reports can be viewed from the web administration suite or sent directly to email. The monitoring and reporting tools can be used to ensure that the server remains healthy. They can help reduce downtime by enabling you to respond quickly when issues arise. These tools can also help you determine when you need to upgrade your server or add one or more additional servers.

If you decide that one server is no longer sufficient for your needs, Windows Small Business Server 2003 makes it easy to add one or more additional servers to supplement the existing one. This feature makes Windows Small Business Server 2003 truly scalable. You don’t have to worry about starting small with technology, because you can have the peace of mind that upgrading is easy and cost effective.

Backup and Restore

Your data is only as safe as you backup system. Windows Small Business Server 2003 offers an integrated backup solution that even novice administrators can use to develop their backup strategy, prepare complete backups, and even restore the entire server in the case of failure. This backup solution can be fully automated giving you the security of knowing that your important data is safe.

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