Security Bridge

The Rose Computers & Networks Security Bridge provides inexpensive and comprehensive security and protection from Internet threats at the EDGE of your business’ network, blocking attacks before they access your servers or personal computers. Blocking threats BEFORE they reach your servers and desktop computers is the most effective prevention available!

  • Savings – Save thousands of dollars with fewer desktop virus & spyware infections.
  • Productivity Increase – Less wasted time for employees visiting inappropriate web sites.
  • Conserve Bandwidth – Faster Internet Access for business needs.
  • Low Cost – As little as $1.00 – $2.00 per user per month or less!

Basic Security Bridge Features include: 1389478_scenic_bridge_over_water

  • Web Filter – Blocks inappropriate bandwidth wasting sites, such as porn, video, and music.
  • Spyware Blocker – Blocks websites known to install spyware & viruses before you access them.
  • Spam Blocker – Blocks spam and quarantines emails before your delivery to personal computers.
  • Virus Blocker – Blocks viruses at web sites, emails, and ftp file transfers. Blocks outgoing spam.
  • Phish Blocker – Protect users from email phishing attacks and fraudulent banking websites.
  • Intrusion Prevention – Monitors attempted access & blocks hackers accessing your network.
  • Protocol Control – Blocks unnecessary & dangerous protocols such as peer to peer & games.
  • Attack Blocker – Sorts good traffic from bad traffic. Prevents DOS (Denial of Service attcks)
  • Firewall – Blocks dangerous protocols and traffic before they enter your network.
  • Open VPN – Allows easy & secure remote access and administration of your network and PCs.
  • Automatic Updates – Definitions & filters updated automatically to ensure current protection.
  • Reporting – Monitor behavior at the user, client and incident level. Reports traffic flows and network usage patterns so aberrations can be spotted. Reports are in PDF or HTML formats.

Reports are available for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly periods.

Advanced Security Features (Includes all Basic Features above, plus):

  • Backup of Settings and preferences.
  • Active Directory Integration – Reports by name rather than numerical address.
  • 1395379_lockRemote Support – Easy and secure access to individual PCs for support & remote access.
  • Policy Manager – Ability to set policy exceptions and/or full access for specific individuals.
  • Remote Access Portal – Secure, access to network resources and desktops through a browser.

Optional Add In Features

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus – A second Anti-Virus program for even greater safety
  • E-Soft Web Filter – Tighter surfing control with up to 53 categories and over 100 million sites.

Contact us for more information about installing a security bridge for your business.

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