Spam Digest

You may receive a Quarantined Digest email, showing a list of emails our server thinks could be SPAM or HAM.

What to Expect:

1. The incoming message will look similar to the picture below. (click picture to enlarge)
Incoming Email1



2. Once you open the email, the body of the email will hold this information. Click “click here to access your spam quarantine”. (click picture to enlarge)
Email Body1
3. When you click on the link, a web page will pull up looking like this. (With different content) (click picture to enlarge)


If you have messages in the “Quarantined Messages” that you want to have in your inbox AND continue to receive email from that sender
1. Click the box beside the message(s)
2. Click “Release to Inbox & Add Senders to Safe List”
You should see the email in your box as well as continue to get their emails. (See picture below to see what the safe list looks like)(click picture to enlarge)
This tab configures your safe (trusted) email addresses. Email from the listed address will not be scanned to determine if they are spam or phish. If a user’s email is falsely determined to be spam, their email address can be added to this list to determine it does not happen again.

If you have messages in the “Quarantined Messages” that you DO NOT want to have in your inbox and you know it is SPAM
1. Click the box beside the message(s)
2. Click “Delete”
This will not go into your inbox

If you see a message in the “Quarantined Messages” that you are not sure if it is SPAM or HAM
1. Click the box beside the message(s)
2. Click “Release to Inbox”
This will let the message(s) into your inbox but not add the sender to the Safe List. That way you can look at the email.

For the “Forward or Receive Quarantines” Tab (Click picture to enlarge)
Often mailing lists or aliases will receive Quarantine Digests. This is annoying as all users on the list will receive the Quarantine Digest email. To avoid this you can forward the quarantined mail to a another user’s quarantine, like the email list’s administrator. Email will still be quarantined and released like normal, but the administrator can do it via their quarantine.
Forward Quarantined Messages To configures where quarantined messages will be placed.
Received Quarantined Messages From shows any other addresses you are receiving quarantined messages from.

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