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Consolidated Cloud Storage up to 512GB

Rose Drive Features

Rose Drive, a Managed IT Cloud Solution from Rose Computers & Networks provides cloud synchronization for all your files, to keep them in one secure environment! User file control is essential for maintaining the security of your data. Stop users from using multiple cloud solutions for storing data by bringing all your data under one program. Most employees use many cloud apps for storing files, any number of which could encounter a data breach. Using Rose Drive makes it easier to keep track of files, thus maintaining the security and integrity of your data!

Some key aspects of Rose Drive:

Ransomware Protection: Rose Drive uses built-in ransomware protection which detects file-level changes and locks the user’s device out of servers before any more data is compromised. Our servers are protected with up-to-date Anti-Virus/Malware protection and placed behind a content firewall for ultimate control and management.

Hourly Backups: Your data is safe and secure! We maintain hourly backups with a retention period of 30 days. For added backup security for your network and computers, we recommend Rose Backup starting at 500GB for $10.00 per month for those who like to control their backup schedule.

File Consolidation: Eliminate the need for on-premise file servers and multiple sync clients. Files synchronized with our servers are backed up and available even if your on-premise server is not.

Web Console: Access your data from anywhere! Simply log in via


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