Rose Computers is Lynchburg, Virginia’s first computer and networking company, founded in 1982. We specialize in providing computers, networks, software, and applications to area businesses and professionals. As a network leader for more than 40 years, we have designed and installed hundreds of business networks ranging from 2 – 2,000 users. We currently support hundreds of servers and thousands of personal computers installed in local governments and businesses throughout Central Virginia.

Rose Computers brings computer networking into the 21st century. Today’s powerful, flexible, easy-to-use networks require sophisticated technologies that must work together flawlessly., which is where Rose Computers stand above the rest. Rose expertly employs the latest technologies to give you shared internet access. Fax, email, and shared calendars for seamless company-wide communications that will increase your productivity, provide more information, and easily adapt to your changing communication needs. Rose Computers can design easy to use and affordable state-of-the-art computer, system, and network solutions that allow you to share printers, applications, and valuable information.

Rose technicians are trained and experienced in servicing a variety of machines and software, employing the expertise gained from their A Plus, Network Plus, and Microsoft Certifications on every call. To find out what Rose Computers can do for you and your business, submit a service request or give us a call. Contact Us to see what the power of our team can do for you!