Security Bridge Hardware Appliance

We offer comprehensive security and protection from internet threats before they reach your computer or network. Basic Security Bridge Includes:

Virus Blocker Lite – blocks viruses at websites, emails, and FTP file transfer (email virus blocking requires an on premise mail server)

Firewall – blocks dangerous protocols and traffic before they enter your network

Intrusion Prevention – monitors attempted access and blocks hackers accessing your network

Phish Blocker – protects users from email and web phishing techniques

Web Monitor – provides web monitoring capability to identify high bandwidth users

Spam Blocker Lite – blocks spam and quarantines emails before delivery to your inbox

Application Control Lite – allows admin to block games or other programs that normally bypass the firewall

Ad Blocker – allows admin to decrease load times for web pages though advertisement blocking

OpenVPN – allows easy and secure virtual private network access to your corporate network

Captive Portal – allows admin to block access to internet until users agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. Normally used in schools or hotels

Tunnel VPN – allows creating a VPN Tunnel between two networks

Reports – monitor behavior at the user, client, and incident level

Optional Automatic Updates – definitions and filters can be updated automatically to ensure current protection

Additional Features included with Advanced Security Bridge Protection:

Enhanced version of – Virus Blocker, Spam Filter, Web Filter, and Application Control

Managed Security

Provided through our Managed Services Agreement MSC. Primarily for businesses, with our software, we’ll proactively monitor for issues with computers, networks, and servers on your networks and alert you the moment an issue is detected. This allows us to be more proficient in managing you your environment and alert/fix mission critical devices before they’re broken. This method is far above the typical “break-fix” solution.

Rose Backup

Rose Cloud Backup offers cloud backup storage starting at 500GB for Desktops and 1TB for Servers. Software is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. Secure Encypted backup solution.   Sign up today!

Email Spam Filter

Spam filtering for email is a service provided by our sister company, provides webhosting and other services click here to find out more.

Financing Options

Get Financing approval in minutes. Financing provided through SNAP! Finance  see terms. Click Here to apply.

Rose Extended Warranty Options

Rose Computers provides a 1 year warranty on parts/electronic components. Please read our TOS regarding extended warranty and standard warranty information.

Preparation and Delivery

System preparation and delivery availibilty will vary by demand. Computers are assembled built and shipped Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time. Weekend operations vary.