Comprehensive security and protection from internet threats before they reach your computer or network

Virus Blocker Lite – blocks viruses at websites, emails, and FTP file transfer (email virus blocking requires an on premise mail server).

Firewall – blocks dangerous protocols and traffic before they enter your network.

Intrusion Prevention – monitors attempted access and blocks hackers accessing your network.

Phish Blocker – protects users from email and web phishing techniques.

Web Monitor – provides web monitoring capability to identify high bandwidth users.

Spam Blocker Lite – blocks spam and quarantines emails before delivery to your inbox.

Application Control Lite – allows admin to block games or other programs that normally bypass the firewall.

Ad Blocker – allows admin to decrease load times for web pages though advertisement blocking.

OpenVPN – allows easy and secure virtual private network access to your corporate network.

Captive Portal – allows admin to block access to internet until users agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. Normally used in schools or hotels.

Tunnel VPN – allows creating a VPN Tunnel between two networks.

Reports – monitor behavior at the user, client, and incident level.

Optional Automatic Updates – definitions and filters can be updated automatically to ensure current protection.

Additional Features included with Advanced Security Bridge Protection:

Enhanced version of – Virus Blocker, Spam Filter, Web Filter, and Application Control